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Notary Public in Cancun We are the best option to advise foreign merchants.

Correduria Publica en Cancun

Wotary Public in Cancun - Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to propose integral solutions to our clients, generating value and certainty with strategies designed specifically for the needs of each business, our goal is to provide the best service to our clients and their companies through the development of integral solutions, with the support of a team of highly specialized lawyers, always working under the principles of ethics, honesty and efficiency. We are legally authorized by Mexican federal Executive through the Ministry of Economy. We are legally authorized by the Federal Goverment..

Correduria Publica en Cancun

«We can offer you the best legal strategy for your business»

Correduria Publica en Cancun

«We help you find the best way to succeed on your business in Cancun»


Public fedatary

In commercial matters

Constitution of Companies, Contracts, Notifications and more

Public Appraiser

Estimate, quantify and value goods, services, rights and obligations.

We value any tangible or intangible asset.



We resolve disputes that arise between the parties.

In acts, contracts or agreements of a commercial nature.


Oficial Brokerage

We act as mediators of all kinds of goods, rights, services and obligations.

Also in the celebration and modification of acts, contracts or commercial agreements.

Your peace of mind and legal certainty are our goals

We are committed to helping our clients succeed.

If you are starting a venture or have a business or project underway, we can give you a personalized treatment to take the best choices for your business in México and thus have legal certainty.

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