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Inauguration of Mercantile Notary Public Office 5

The Federal Executive, through the Ministry of Economy, authorized the Master of Laws and Doctor Honoris Causa Carlos Rodolfo Yañez Peralta as Mercantile Notary Public number five in the state of Quintana Roo, after fulfilling all the requirements established in the Federal Law of Mercantile Notary Public

Despite the fact that the determination of the Ministry of Economy took place since August 1st, it was not until this December 30th that the agreement was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

By joining a select group of professionals: it is estimated that in Mexico there are only 450 public corridors 15 of them in the state of Quintana RooThis figure contrasts with the number of lawyers (in 2016 there were more than 340,000, according to INEGI), which reflects the extreme difficulty in achieving this title.

For the effects of the Federal Law of Public corridors, the national territory is divided into Plazas, one for each State and another for the Federal District. The public brokers will be able to exercise their functions as mediating agent, expert appraiser, legal advisor and arbitrator in all the Mexican Republic. When they act as notaries they may do so only within the Plaza for which they were authorized, although the acts held before their faith may refer to any other place.

The enabling agreement reads as follows:

In the margin there is a stamp with the National Coat of Arms, which reads: United Mexican States - ECONOMY - Ministry of Economy - General Direction of Mercantile Regulation

The Ministry of Economy, through the General Direction of Mercantile Regulation, in order to comply with articles 12, last paragraph, of the Federal Law of Public Brokerage, 19 of its Regulation and 38, section XIII, of the Internal Regulation of the Ministry of Economy, announces the following Enabling Agreement:

"The Federal Executive, through the Ministry of Economy grants qualification to the C. Licentiate in Law Carlos Rodolfo Yañez Peralta to exercise the function of Public corridor with number 5 in the square of the State of Quintana Roo, based on the articles 2o., 3o., fraction III of the Federal Law of Public Brokerage and 18 of the Regulation of the same Law, by virtue of having fulfilled the requirements established in article 8º of the mentioned legal order. What I make of its knowledge, for effect of the faithful performance of its functions according to the arranged thing by the applicable orders".

Based on article 12, last paragraph, of the Federal Law of Public Brokerage, Mr. Carlos Rodolfo Yañez Peralta may begin to exercise his functions as of the date of publication of this Agreement in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

Mexico City, December 12, 2019.- The General Director of Business Regulations, Benjamín Reyes Torres.- Signed.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the basic function of the Public corridors "to guarantee the legal security and certainty, exercising a control of legality in the commercial transactions and other matters of federal jurisdiction, providing professional and impartial advice with the obligation of professional secrecy imposed by law".

Its action is limited to the following functions: Mediator, Expert Appraiser, Legal Advisor, Arbitrator and Notary Public.


  1. Personal legal advice from the Public corridor regarding the matter of your interest.
  2. It speeds up commercial transactions due to its extensive knowledge and experience in commercial matters.
  3. It protects the interests of its clients because the corridor provides a guarantee to respond to the due exercise of its functions.
  4. He is impartial in all business dealings in which he is involved and is bound by professional secrecy.
  5. Legal value, due to the fact that the acts and policies granted by the corridor are public instruments.
  6. He can freely agree on the amount of your fees with your clients, which allows you to reach the best agreement for both parties.


"Commercial Notary Public 5 of Quintana Roo."



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