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Commercial Notary Public You can count with a Exclusive and personalized attention of a team that prefers ​​relationships more than profits.

Whats a Commercial Notary Public?

corredor publicoThe services of the Commercial Notary Public are a support for merchants, small, medium and large companies, and any person involved in national and international trade, giving public faith, legal security and legality control, for various commercial transactions and other matters of federal competence with success and with full legal consequences. He is an expert in commercial matters, enabled by examinations of high degree of difficulty and enabled by the Economy ministry of México.

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Comprehensive and expert Legal Advice, under the terms of article 6 of the Federal Commercial Notary Public Law:

> Corporate and business-family advice.
> Conflicts between partners and shareholders.
> Economic competition.
> Commercial: Distribution, supply and franchises.
> Corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.
> Electronic Commerce
> Foreign investment.
> Probate estate planning.
> Intellectual property.
> Consumer protection.
> Real estate projects and developments.
> Registro de garantías sobre muebles.
> In case of loss of merchant invoices, to prove ownership of furniture.


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El Head Commercial Notary Public está facultado por la ley para realizar avalúos sobre:

> Machinery and Equipment.
> Properties (houses, land, buildings, industrial buildings, constructions, ranches).
> Movable goods (cars, trucks, machinery and equipment).
> Companies (Inventory Survey)
> Business in progress.
> Intangible Assets, among others: trademarks, copyrights, patents, intellectual capital, commercial credit, client portfolio. Aircraft and boats.
> Actions.
> Evaluation of investment projects.
Los avalúos que emite el Head Commercial Notary Public pueden servir para cualquier tipo de juicio, litigio y procedimiento, para acreditar el valor de un bien que pretende darse en garantía al fisco, en la reevaluación de activos para capitalizarse, para su venta, para fines fiscales, entre otros.

Public Faith in Commercial Matters

corredor publico> Constitution of mercantile societies, as well as the reform of their statutes.
> Openings of companies and branches.
> Preparation of contracts, agreements and acts of a commercial nature.
> Formalization of qualification or avio credit contracts and spare parts.
> Ratification of signatures.
> Formalización (protocolización) de actas de asambleas de socios-accionístas y sesiones de consejo de administración.
> Notifications and faith of facts.
> Transformation, merger and division of mercantile companies.
> Dissolution and liquidation of mercantile companies.
> Certifications of the Book of Records of Shares for the purposes of article 129 of the General Law of Mercantile Companies.
> Collation and certification of merchant documents.
> Sale of shares.
> Amortization of shares.
> Celebration and ratification of signatures of all kinds of commercial contracts.
> Issuance of obligations.
> Certification of the practical impossibility of collecting credit titles for purposes of tax deduction.
> Mortgages on ships and aircraft.
> Commercial invoices (in case you have purchased a vehicle and the original invoice has been lost or destroyed, you can come with us to process a commercial invoice, with which you can make the change of ownership or any procedure).
Los contratos, convenios o hechos mercantíles, pasados ante la fe del Corredor Publico adquieren la calidad de documentos públicos, con valor probatorio pleno, además de ser instrumentos ejecutivos, que en caso de incumplimiento se puede proceder en la vía ejecutiva mercantil.

Constitution of Commercial Companies

corredor publico

> Anonymous Corporation.

> Limited Liability Company.

> Sofom´es.

> Sapi´s.

> Cooperative Society.

> Rural Production Society.


corredor publico

Ejemplos de Contratos y Convenios que pueden pactarse a través de Correduría Pública 5:

> Mercantil: Arrendamiento financiero, Contrato de apertura crédito, Contrato de distribución, Contrato de asociación en participación, Contrato de comisión, Contrato de suministro, Contrato de reporto, Contrato de franquicia, Contrato de depósito, Contrato de exclusividad, Contrato de mediación mercantil, Contrato de consignación ó Contrato de maquila.
> Corporate: Agreement to resolve or avoid conflicts between partners or shareholders.
> Civil: Lease, Purchase-Sale, Commodity, Confidentiality, Work Contract, Mandate, Debt Recognition Agreement, Commitment Agreement regarding Condos, Mutual Agreement, Swap Contract, Donation Contract, Pledge Contract, Contract provision of services or timeshare contract.


corredor publico

In the Commercial Notary Public 5 as mediating agents, we exchange proposals between two or more parties, regarding any good or service offered, in the resolution of disputes at the will of the parties.

> Real estate brokerage.
> Vehicle brokerage.
> Administration of rental of real estate.



Regarding arbitration, we intervene in the solution of disputes at the request of the parties, arising from commercial acts, contracts or agreements, whether at the local, national and international level.

In addition, in the Commercial Notary Public 5 we can intervene as arbitrators in matters arising from the Federal Consumer Protection Law, the Federal Copyright Law, the Industrial Property Law, and in general in any commercial conflict.

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