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Head Commercial Notary Public

PhB. Carlos Rodolfo Yañez Peralta

With a broad career as a lawyer and trader, he knows the needs of his clients, an expert in creating Value for his company or Business, The Commercial Notary Public 5, PhB. Carlos Rodolfo Yañez Peralta, has become, nowadays, the ideal Commercial Legal Advisor, being this one a key piece in any area of the Commercial Activity. As Commercial Notary Public, PhB. Carlos Rodolfo Yañez Peralta has the legal federal capacity to grant Public Faith on documents, deeds, agreements, minutes, contracts, elevating them to a public and official document, subject to acceptance by any authority Municipal, State or Federal.

We are empowered by Federal Law to estimate, quantify and value all types of goods, services, rights and obligations for commercial, financial or civil tax purposes and their valuations are recognized nationally and internationally.

We have a high legal preparation to exercise a control of legality and implementation of business strategies, in accordance with current requirements.


>Degree in Law from the University of Valle de Grijalva

>Master's Degree in Law from the Universidad Tecnológica de México

>Honorary Doctorate by the Mexican Institute of Leaders of Excellence

>Diploma in Corporate Law from the Universidad Tecnológica de México

>Diploma in Mediation given by the Ministry of Economy


Carlos Rodolfo Yañez Peralta


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